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Benefits of Manicures and Pedicures
The sun's rays shine brightly, the birds merrily chirp above, and the flowers proudly flaunt their vibrant spring colors. It is an ideal day to soak up the sun and hit the pool. Hastily, you throw on your bathing suit and gather your pool supplies. Book? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Towel? Of course. Now just time to slip on those sandals and hit theó you catch a glimpse of your toes.

You've gained a few ingrown nails, the pads of your feet have a light brown/yellow hue to them, and the nail polish has long ago flaked off. You've procrastinated your mani and pedi for far too long. Looks like the pool will have to wait for another day.

At Nail Bar and Spa, your local nail salon in Apple Valley, we want your feet and hands looking and feeling fresh for the spring season, and one surefire way to guarantee this is through routine manicures and pedicures. These luxurious and relaxing experiences offer more benefits than simply a relaxing day at the spa.

Get Pampered!

Okay, one of the best things about getting manicures and pedicures is the fact that they're extremely relaxing and rejuvenating, there's no way around it, manis and pedis feel great. You work hard at your job, you deal your share of daily stress, you deserve to treat yourself! Fewer things are more relaxing than laying back, closing your eyes, and getting your feet and hands pampered.

Not only is a mani-pedi good for the health of your skin, but for your mental health as well! In a short amount of time, not only will your hands and feet look healthy and revitalized, but you will feel relaxed and stress free!

Healthy Skin

Your feet and hands are two of your most neglected extremities. Aside from your face, your hands take the brunt of the outside elements like dirt, wind, and rain, and often only get washed after visits to the bathroom and before bed. Your feet (not necessarily your feet, but feet in general) are almost never cared for, even after all the miles theyíve walked for us.

Getting routine pedicures can help you give your feet the loving that they deserve, as well as help you detect early signs of fungal infections, or the dreaded bunions. By exfoliating your skin, pedicures also remove any calluses that can cause you aches and pains when standing for long periods of time.

A properly done manicure will not only help give your hands and nails a younger, more radiant look, but will also help circulate the blood in order to keep the nails strong. Letís not forget the heavenly hand massage! If youíre looking for the ultimate treatment, have our nail salon experts paint your nails at the end of your treatment and get ready to enjoy some time by the pool!

Look Good For Spring!

Although we're lucky enough to have warm weather year-round in Apple Valley, the spring and summer seasons are the prime time to show off your feet and nails, and you donít want to go out in public with bunions and chewed up fingernails, right? Hit the pool, beach, or just the town with envy inducing clean, and healthy hands and feet! Never be apprehensive about showing off your feet and hands, contact us today for your mani-pedi!

Kids' Pedi and Mani

Kids deserve mani-pedis too! In fact, they probably need more than us adults do! Not that they're stressed, but think of all the dirt and grime their hands and feet get into on a daily basis. Let alone all of the nail biting and roughhousing they get into. Their nails need some loving!

Not only will a mani-pedi be good for the health of your child's nails and skin, but it is also a perfect opportunity for both of you to have a spa day! From our "Mini-Classic" treatment option to our deluxe "Ultimate Royal Treat," we guarantee your day at our salon will be fun, relaxing, and beneficial for both children and adults.

Men Can Enjoy It Too!

There's a common misconception that men canít get manicures or pedicures. This is just an outright lie and men all over are missing out on what's one of the most tranquil experiences you can get! While we understand that not all men want their nails painted, that doesnít mean they wonít enjoy getting a hand and foot massage while also acquiring healthier and fresher skin!

We all get dirt and grime in our fingernails and calluses on our heels! Just because you're a man, doesn't mean that you can't pamper yourself while also taking care of your nails and skin! Once over the apprehension, men will realize how blissful a manicure and pedicure can truly be, and it can turn into a routine family spa day!

Nail Bar and Spa

If you're looking to indulge yourself while also getting your nails in pristine condition and skin looking younger, come to the experts at Nail Bar and Spa in Apple Valley, where we are committed to providing excellent service at affordable prices. Manicures and pedicures arenít the only services we provide! We also offer artificial nail enhancement, waxing services, eyelash extension and more! Our experienced team is dedicated to excellence and your satisfaction while also keeping sanitation and your safety our top priority. Be sure to call us today, you deserve it!

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